The Benefits of ETrac

When you need to make a delivery—whether it’s process papers or a standard package—you want it completed as efficiently and effectively as possible. You also want the ability to know where your package is at all times. That is what eTrac provides. ETrac is a leading name when it comes to electronic reporting in San Diego, CA, for your expedited shipments. With eTrac technology, you have full access to all the real-time information and data that you could ever want or need about your shipment. We’re confident that you’ll love everything eTrac provides. Take a minute to read about all the benefits below.

etrac – The Online Information Network for the Expedited Industry

As demand for real-time information is critical in the expedited industry, the eTrac solution collects and transfers shipping information as it occurs to provide real-time information from the time of order to delivery of invoice.

etrac – Makes Ordering Service a Snap

Using eTrac with your pre-existing internet connection makes arranging a courier pickup as quick and as simple as clicking a mouse. We receive your pickup request instantly, and we’re on the way. You save time and eliminate errors with the pre-entry of all pertinent information.

etrac – Makes Tracking Your Package Easier

Every time you open your eTrac connection, you receive an automatic delivery status report which includes the current location of packages and pickup times, as well as delivery points. You can even have proof-of-delivery information faxed to you immediately or schedule PODs and reports as needed.

etrac – Makes Managing Your Courier Costs Easier

ETrac helps you get a handle on usage, costs, and several other factors. You can even estimate a delivery cost before you call us. As your courier charges become billable to your customers, eTrac provides you with invaluable reporting and cost data. Immediate information allows faster billing, and that’s always better.

etrac – Makes Your Staff More Productive

The ease of use demonstrated by eTrac allows your staff to handle more tasks. eTrac’s friendly graphical user interface virtually eliminates the learning curve, causing temporary help and staff turnover to become less of a problem.

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