Attorney Services in San Diego, CA

Attorney Services

CalExpress provides attorney services in San Diego, CA. We provide comprehensive legal support services to law firms, attorneys, paralegals, businesses and individuals. Catering to our client’s specific needs and preferences has created a loyal, long-term customer base that depends upon our speed and reliability establishing CalExpress as the local leader in our industry.

Service of Process
Our staff of Registered, Bonded Process Servers attempt and effect proper service of legal documents (on opposing counsel, businesses, registered agents, individual defendants and witnesses) day and night throughout Southern California.

Skip Tracing
As a licensed private investigative firm, CalExpress can further assist the process with stakeouts on individuals and skip tracing. Skip Traces can be performed by searching people, assets, licenses, courts and business entities.

Court Filings
CalExpress performs court filings at Superior & Federal Courthouses, County Recorder’s Offices, Secretary of State, and other court jurisdictions nationwide.

Electronic filings can be emailed to us directly at We upload the documents for filing and send you a confirmation when completed.

Court Research
Documents from court case files can be copied and either delivered or scanned and emailed. Court per page copy fees and pro-rated hourly research charges apply.


Records Production

  • Document preparation and service of process
  • Deposition Officer
  • Receive original records, certify, photocopy and/or convert to digital formats
  • Deliver produced record copies on or before production date
  • Maintain original documents
  • Witness/Records fees advanced

On-Site Photocopy

  • Black & White and Color copying
  • Oversized copying
  • Litigation specific copying:
    • Depositions
    • Transcripts
    • Medical Records
    • Briefs
  • CD & DVD Duplication
  • Page Numbering & Labeling
  • Document Binding
  • Exhibit and Foam Board Mounting
  • Lamination
  • Closing Binders
  • Discovery Records
  • Alphanumeric and Custom Tabs
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