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Court Opinions


  • Opinions of California Supreme and Appellate Courts
    To the minute updates of slip opinions published by the California Supreme Court and the California Courts of Appeal within the last sixty days.
  • WestDoc
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California Codes and Statutes


  • California Codes Detailed coverage of California’s 29 codes of law.
  • California Statute
    A searchable database of California’s statutes.


U.S. Code


  • U.S CodeA comprehensive list of laws in force as of January 16, 1996.


Legal Research


  • Find Law An Internet legal resource containing information pertinent to cases and codes, legal news, legal minded communities and the search engine Law Crawler.
  • Law OnlineA compilation of legal resources concerning government matters, court information, association directory and an array of search engines.


Verdict Research


  • Verdicts and Settlements Database of Law JournalThe most comprehensive source of trial reports inclusive of verdicts and settlements dated from 1994 to date.
  • More LawFull coverage of nationwide verdict and settlement reports since December of 1996.Beneficial features inclusive of notable case descriptions, a county-by-county list of verdict types and amounts as well as a list of trial experts.
  • National Association of State Jury Verdict PublishersThe premier source for researching civil jury verdicts and settlements. Search through a national expert witness directory, summaries by state or selected jury verdict articles.


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