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Functional vs Non-Functional Testing: Differences

Posted on: August 12th, 2022 by Cathy Caldwell No Comments

This article has discussed non functional testing and its types in detail. Check out our demo video to help you understand what to look for in a non functional testing solution. Wraith is a visual regression tool that the BBC News developers created. It operates by taking screenshots of your web page and matching them with another instance of your page.

what is non-functional testing

This type of testing checks functionally on a crucial level , it paves the way for other testing types to take part. Scalability testing verifies the application’s ability to handle increased traffic, a spike in the data volume, or an increase in the number of transactions. Though both functional and non-functional testing is performed with the objective of delivering an application in line with the demands of the business, there are many differences between the two.

Understanding the Difference Between SQL and MySQL

Before even the best software application hits the market, it must be rigorously tested. All the cool concepts and nifty “bells and whistles” in the world mean nothing if the application fails to work correctly. That’s why developers need to put a new product through its paces before the public gets a hold of it. Disaster recovery testing — Tests recovery of business-critical applications in emergency situations.

what is non-functional testing

The volume tests subject the software product to or burdened with enormous quantities of data in order to measure and evaluate the application response, behavior, and effectiveness. ‘ Volume Testing ‘ relates to the testing of software applications, which are subject to elevated information volumes. Load testing is the simplest form of performance testing and is carried out under a particular predicted load condition for understanding the behavior of the software or application. These cargoes are based on the real requirements of end customers who are expected to use the software. Stress testing is done to assess how the system reacts when it is pulled beyond its capabilities.

Functional verification

This testing aims to check whether the product conforms to a predefined set of requirements and can perform its required functions under specific conditions. It’s usually the last testing stage, after unit and integration testing. You perform system tests with real or near accurate data with realistic interdependencies in the system under test as described in system requirements specification .

what is non-functional testing

Functional testing tests if the features and elements of the product work. It tests the functionality of your design against the requirements set for your product. Unlike non-functional testing, functional testing doesn’t focus heavily on how your product performs, or if it meets customers’ expectations. Usability testing is a method of non-functional testing that examines how well the product is working for users. Implementing both functional and non-functional testing creates an ideal end-user experience and ensures your product is working at the highest standard of functionality. Of course, functional and non-functional testing cannot be clearly distinguished.

Data collection

That is, checking if the product is compatible with different software, hardware, and network configurations. In volume testing, the amount of data is increased and fed to the software. With this, the efficiency and response time of the software is checked for any data loss.

  • Building or modernizing a Java enterprise web app has always been a long process, historically.
  • It relies on a requirements specification of what the system should do as established by the user.
  • Non-functional testing should increase usability, efficiency, maintainability, and portability of the product.
  • To conclude all this, one can say that the Software development team should always include all the scenarios related to non-functional testing in their test plan, to deliver a quality product.
  • Before even the best software application hits the market, it must be rigorously tested.
  • Functional testing is an important part of the software development process and can help ensure that the software is fit by finding any bugs or errors.

This is done to determine how much work load the software can handle before performance is negatively affected. A type of software testing called volume testing involves exposing the software to a significant amount of data. By increasing the data in the database, volume testing is done to evaluate the system’s performance. Functional and Non-functional testing both are mandatory for newly developed software. Functional testing checks the correctness of internal functions while Non-Functional testing checks the ability to work in an external environment. Features for the utilization and management of the software application to offer users the greatest experience.

Characteristics of Non-functional testing

This crucial part of testing examines all the security and performance issues in a detailed manner. Overall, it makes applications perform more efficiently even under high traffic. Understanding the unique qualities of functional and what is non-functional testing non-functional testing will ensure you receive the results you need to build better products and experiences for your customers. Non-functional testing examines how well the product works and increases the usability of the product.

what is non-functional testing

Functional testing involves testing an application against its business requirements. It verifies that the application behaves as it is designed to behave — to ensure that all necessary elements are functional if you will. It ensures that your software is ready for release to the public and verifies that https://globalcloudteam.com/ all of the specified requirements have been incorporated. The goal of functional testing is to validate different software actions. On the other hand, Non Functional testing can validate how the software performs. The best functional testing example is checking how the payment page functionality works.

Smoke Testing

Examples of non-functional testing include testing designed to assess capacity, performance, usability, recovery, and portability. WebLoad Professional is a performance and load testing solution to scale your business. It provides reliable and fast performance testing to achieve large-scale usage, accelerate growth, increase user acceptance and unpleasant surprises.

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Quality Assurance Tester at Nutun.

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It determines efficiency, velocity, reliability, and other essential system components. Moreover, two or more applications can be compared, and their information transfer rate, bandwidth, system velocity, and other factors are evaluated. Performance Testing is used to assess the overall performance of an application. Functional testing specifies which functionalities need to be tested, while non functional testing defines how they need to be tested. Help mitigate the production risks related to non functional aspects of the application or product. The following list is not exhaustive and there are over 100 different types of testing and increasing.

What is usability testing?

Dynamic testing includes test methods that focus on the identity of defects in order to avoid unexpected software or system failure. All computers with various hardware settings are available in the laboratories. Each machine in the laboratory has a testable version of the software to be published, and a test suit is carried out. That’s the main goal of Jmix is to make the process quick without losing flexibility – with the open-source RAD platform enabling fast development of business applications.